Written by: Andrea Morris/CBN NEWS
Article source: www.charismanews.com

Tens of thousands of people came out to Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro Saturday night to listen to Evangelist Franklin Graham’s message about God’s love.

Graham, who is the president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Samaritan’s Purse humanitarian ministry, wrote in a Facebook post that over 68,000 people attended Esperança Rio, or “Hope” Rio.

“The Bible says the value of the human soul is worth more than the entire world. Let’s say you own all the real estate on Copacabana Beach, you own the hotels, the luxury apartments, the beautiful restaurants. Let’s say all of that was yours—your soul is worth far more than all of that—you have more value,” Rev. Graham told the crowd. “For anyone who turns from their sins and puts their faith and trust in God’s Son Jesus Christ, know this—God has forgiven your sins! As the Bible says, He has cast them into the depths of the sea.”

More than 4,000 local churches have worked together over the past few months to make the occasion a night to remember.

And, the event took place nearly 48 years after Billy Graham’s visit to Maracanã Stadium in 1974. The crowd on the beach was filled with energy and excitement, and the rain didn’t dampen their spirits.

Graham’s moving message about the good news led thousands of people to respond when asked to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior. Churches in that area are now following up with those who accepted the gospel invitation.

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Date published: 19/06/2022
Feature image: billygraham.org

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