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The Basic Education Laws Amendment Bill (BELA) S28 limits the powers of schools to rent school halls without provincial government permission. The 2017 would have stopped it altogether without provincial permission unlikely to come timeously and thus would be a lose-lose for schools and churches. We lobbied the government to change this unreasonable requirement. An improvement, the 2022 version limits such renting without permission to 12 months.

The problem is that every time a lease is formally renewed the risk is that the school kicks out the church due the hassle factor. If they don’t have to review the lease, more likely it just rolls over. School halls are the basis of thousands of church plants and new sites for existing churches. They are the most commonly available large public building empty on a Sunday. Also great for extra venues to get around Covid19 density limitations.

The current more free arrangement is a win-win enabling schools to make money on Sunday when their hall is not in use and helping churches too small to buy a building to get off the ground.

We want to ask for a limit not of a year renewed annually, but of an unlimited lease with a 6 months notice period or up to a 3 year fixed lease without the permission of the MEC Education. That would give the church time to find a new venue if they needed to.

Please share this and tag your pastor and leadership if you meet in a school hall. belabill02@parliament.gov.za

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Date published: 19/06/2022
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