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Trulife Academy is a Christian gap year programme for ages 18-24, uniquely-tailored for individuals with a passion for the creative arts, education and social change.

Spend a year maximising potential and gaining hands-on work experience and leadership competency, while also having the fun and self-reflection of a gap year.

We believe that growth takes place in an environment of diversity, mentorship, hard work and Biblical foundations, all of which are woven into this diverse, high-energy programme.


Create engaging school curriculum and content for social media, gaining an understanding of marketing principles, copywriting and communication strategy

Sharpen your stage craft and performance skills through dance, drama, poetry, script-writing and theatre devising as you tour the country

Gain practical and theoretical knowledge as you develop visual media and motiongraphics for course and production material, with hands-on experience in videography, editing, graphic design and sound engineering


  • Mentorship
  • Travel South Africa
  • Build confidence and competency
  • Discover your talent
  • Work with industry professionals gaining real-world experience
  • Learn to lead in a multi-cultural workplace
  • Develop faith and character

There are no specific school subjects or marks required – we accept students through an interview and audition process.

Contact us to find out more about the programme, application & fees.

Mthoko Makhaye (Program director):
081 830 0945  |  11 Mkoko Road, Durban  |

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Date published: 11/11/2023

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