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On Thursday 24 September, Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun announced, at the UN General Assembly in New  York, that the US would send approximately $960 million in humanitarian aid to countries, including Syria (over $720 million), South Sudan ($108 million), and the Sahel region of Africa ($152 million).

The aid to Syria will go to Syrians in the country, as well as those suffering in neighbouring regions. This most recent donation will bring the total US aid for Syria to more than $12 billion. The money allocated to the Sahel will be split between Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, and Mauritania, to help those that have been displaced by the on-going conflict in the region.

Funds will also help decrease food insecurity in those nations. Armed conflict, food insecurity, and a deteriorating economy have created a humanitarian crisis in South Sudan that has recently been exacerbated by heavy flooding and the COVID-19 pandemic. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the funds will be distributed to help those in South Sudan, as well as neighbouring countries.

From a Christian perspective, the United States is the largest donor of humanitarian aid, giving $34.6 billion in 2019. While a significant portion of foreign aid from the United States comes from government funding, not all foreign aid is channelled through the public sector.

Evangelical Christian organisations make up the largest segment of private international assistance programmes in the US, with approximately 60% of international development organisations being Christian faith-based organisations (according to the National Centre for Charitable Statistics).

Among the private aid sector, evangelical churches heavily influence what foreign causes receive aid. Many US faith-based NGOs operate in countries where governments provide little assistance, allowing the US private aid sector to play an important role in providing aid to countries that need it the most.

Pray with us for the following:

  • For the promised aid to reach those most in need
  • For the Church to continue giving generously
  • For Christian aid organisations to take hands with believers in receiving nations like Syria, South Sudan, and the Sahel, that spiritual aid and encouragement may accompany the physical aid, to those suffering in their communities

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Date published: 05/10/2020

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