Former President, Jacob Zuma took the stand at the “State Capture” Inquiry on 15 July and immediately portrayed himself as a victim of a vast conspiracy by known and unknown perpetrators. Throughout his testimony, Mr. Zuma feigned confusion by repeatedly declaring he still “does not know what he has done wrong.”

What is apparently lost on Mr. Zuma is the fact that the very Inquiry at which he chose to share his conspiracy theories was established to specifically investigate reports of massive corruption, fraud, theft and maladministration linked to his disastrous administration.

Jacob Zuma, also the former ANC head of intelligence during the apartheid era, ominously produced a list of names (which he did not read from) of ANC members whom he claimed were spies. He did however name former Minerals Resources Minister, Ngoako Ramatlhodi as one ANC official he claimed was an apartheid spy.   

During his testimony, Mr. Zuma claimed those attacking him or speaking out against him were instructed by faceless “handlers.” He also claimed various assassination attempts against him. However, in a clear threat directed to his detractors, Zuma told Justice Zondo “he has information on many in the ANC involved in wrongdoing but they are not aware of this.”

The net appears to be closing around the former president. It is likely Mr. Zuma will be compelled to face the more then 700 charges of corruption, fraud and racketeering in the High Court in October. Zuma’s voluntary testimony at the “State Capture” Inquiry may be a ploy to discourage ANC officials from testifying against him as a result of his clandestine knowledge.

However, I get the sense that South Africa has entered a season where whatever was done in the dark will be exposed to the light and whatever was whispered in secret will be shouted from the rooftops. 

Despite Mr. Zuma’s best efforts to avoid accountability – he will face justice. And when he does, I have no doubt he will spill the beans on all those involved with him in the capture of the state. Mr. Zuma does not appear to be the kind of person to go down quietly.

Consequently, Jacob Zuma’s High Court trial in October will act as the catalyst for the opening of several cans of worms that will extend far beyond the more than 700 charges of corruption, fraud and racketeering leveled against the former president of the ruling party.

I am convinced the explosive revelations heard at the State Capture, SARS and PIC Inquiries in which Mr. Zuma is the central figure – will pale in comparison to his testimony once he is well and truly cornered.

The coming exposure and prosecutions of those involved in corruption, fraud, gross maladministration and the looting of taxpayers money is not an accident. It is the answer to prayer. Millions of Christian citizens have – and still are interceding for South Africa. God answers prayer. 

Jacob Zuma is the architect of the darkest period of corruption and gross maladministration in South Africa’s fledgling democracy. He may also be the architect of the ANC’s demise by exposing every dark deed to the light.

The Scriptures declare God’s throne is established on righteousness and justice. Please continue to pray God’s perfect will be done for South Africa during this critical season of righteousness, justice and truth.

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Date published: 16/07/2019
Written by: Errol Naidoo  
Feature image: Former president Jacob Zuma at the State Capture
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