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Article source: Article supplied as voice note

On Saturday, Dr Arthur Frost, a Bible teacher who coordinates a prayer movement that has ties with the Kingdom Nation initiative, sent an encouraging voice note to Christians in South Africa amidst the pain and confusion in the country. Herewith an edited and shortened version of his message:

I want to address the things that are going on in our nation right now.

Firstly I want to say that what is happening right now is because of the lawlessness that has been released. This lawlessness is part of what is going to bring a shift and a change in our country.

When we had the day of prayer before the elections, Dr Isak Burger gave a message which was so prophetic. He summed up the season of our nation perfectly. In his word he said that it is “Saturday”. Jesus was buried on Friday, Saturday it looked like nothing was happening, but Sunday all of a sudden everything changed. I want you to know that our nation is in a period of “Saturday”. It is a transition period.

In a transition – when there is a change of power, a change of leadership and a transference of authority – there is chaos. There is uncertainty. There is a lot of confusion. And with that comes a spirit of lawlessness. I believe with all my heart that this is the season that we are in right now. We are in a season of changing and shifting and God is busy restructuring and reordering. 

It looks like there is no agreement, no unity. It looks like everything is chaotic. That is part of the transition. If we are in the season of Saturday, it looks like nothing is happening. It looks like nothing is changing even when men and women of God stood and said, “God, we trust you. We believe in your principles.” We are not yet seeing the victory, but I want you to know that this is because of this transition time. God is busy aligning people and getting people ready for this next season.

So where does this leave us as the Church?

The first thing that we need to do is to stand solid in our faith even though it looks like it is chaos around us. We need to know that God is in control. We need to know that God is going to take us through this. If you are a Christian you need to know that God is going to lead your steps and you will follow Him […]

We need to start speaking live over our nation even though it doesn’t look like anything is happening. Remember that this is one of the things that God uses in the Bible. Many times the enemy would come up against God’s people and He would cause confusion in the enemy camp. There would not be unity and there would be disarray. It looks like a mess. This is happening across our nation right now. It looks like a state of confusion, but that is because God is busy realigning things. He is stopping the demonic from coming into agreement with each other. So right now the power of the demonic is being totally confused. Even though it looks like things are in a bad state, we are in Saturday. We are in a place right now where we need to stand firm as believers […] 

We need to pray for our government. Just because we are not seeing the things that we are praying for in the way that we would like to see it, it does not mean that God is not busy. We need to speak life over our cities, our towns our families in the name of Jesus.

Secondly I want to challenge every Christian that you start standing solidly and firmly in your own belief. Do not end up getting into this hype of speaking negatively over everything. Right now there is a wave of such negativity across social media platforms. When you are drawn in to negativity you are not going to be able to stand in faith trusting in God. You are going to go in to a panic mode and allow fear to grip your live.

Oppose and fight off fear.

How does one do that? Stay focussed on God’s Word. Stay focussed on the promise God has given us as a nation. We need to say focussed on this and say, “God, You are going to raise up the men and women as leaders in this nation – both in the flesh and in the spirit – You are going to raise them up and give us the leaders that we need to get to the place that You promised us, in Jesus Name.” 

I challenge you as a believer: Start speaking positive things and push away the fear that people are trying to raise. The reason the fear is there, is because God has allowed a lot of confusion in the enemy’s camp.

Pray with me, “Lord, we stand in unity and declare life. South Africa you will have peace, in Jesus Name. There will be peace. There will be godly leadership. There will be righteousness. Father, I thank You in Jesus Name that You will bring the people that need to be there. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.”

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Date published: 11/09/2019

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  1. Amen. We also have Mel Tari’s recent prophecy for South Africa. PLUS:
    We have prayed that “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the Law” also redeems Ham’s descendants from the ancestral curse Noah spoke, that has been on this Continent. The devil is a defeated foe and a Liar and the Father of Lies. Africa has been bought back and paid for by the Blood of Christ. We have the authority Jesus gave us, because “All power in Heaven and Earth” is His, and He said “GO”.
    Our Father in Heaven cannot let us down, and what other nation has had over one million people praying together?

  2. Sorry beloved believers Jesus was actually crucified on a Wednesday and raised three days later. Do the math.
    God bless you all, stand firm in your faith and believe the Word of God only (the Old King James version is the only anointed
    scripture, inspired by the Holy Spirit)

    Repentance for our sin daily, and a hatred for all things which are not according to God”s Word…..amen


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