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For the first time in the history of the ministry, we have successfully initiated five simultaneous mass Gospel Campaigns in five different cities. As you can probably imagine, the logistical undertaking to execute this was enormous! This is how it worked…

Smaller towns, bigger impact
The five cities we went to were Tunduma, Iringa, Morogoro, Dodoma, and Mbeya. These cities fit perfectly in the Decapolis strategy – smaller towns where our super massive Gospel Campaign machine could never go. In the past, we only had one “tool” in our evangelistic “toolbox” – a massive campaign sledgehammer. It was very big and could only be used in certain contexts. Now, in addition to the super massive “Flagship Campaigns” which we are still doing, we have a new strategy that allows us to reach smaller, more remote, and unreached places with the Gospel while continuing to have a massive impact!

The multiplication initiative
The Operation Decapolis campaigns in each city ran from Wednesday to Sunday, five nights each. If you are wondering how we could do this, it is because of the “multiplication” initiative we have been busy with for several years now. In each city, two evangelists preached two nights each. Most of these preachers are graduates of our Evangelism Bootcamp! Evangelist Daniel Kolenda preached one night in each city, travelling each day to the next ongoing campaign.

Here is just a tiny taste of the magnificent move of God in Tanzania!

After the preaching of the Gospel, I taught briefly on healing the sick, and as I began praying for the sick, miracles started breaking out everywhere. I’ve been to quite a few crusades by now, but this time it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen with my own eyes. Like in CfaN footage that I’ve only seen on videos, crutches were being lifted into the air all over the place and the lame began to walk. The whole crowd was going crazy and started shouting and celebrating. Miracles upon miracles began breaking out EVERYWHERE my eye could see! – David Rotärmel

This baby had never walked in his entire life! When Evangelist Michael Job prayed, the mama laid hands on her baby as the preacher had instructed – and he suddenly got up and started walking. It was the first steps he’d ever taken.

After preaching a clear Gospel message and seeing many thousands respond, together with the interns, we prayed for the sick and amazing miracles took place. A woman with painful tumors
on both sides of her waist (the size of a fist) said the tumors instantly vanished during prayer, and all pain was gone.

An elderly woman testified that she took a bad fall several months ago, which left her paralysed on the left side of her body and unable to speak. After prayer, the paralysis completely left, and her speech returned. When I asked her if she had any lingering effects from the paralysis, she said that there was only a slight numbness on the left side. I prayed for her again and right there on the platform, all remaining numbness left, and she was made completely whole! – Daniel Kolenda

Up on stage, pastors all around me wept as they witnessed this supernatural outpouring of miracles happening before their eyes. Once you’ve seen that, it changes you forever! Andrew was one of the first to testify on stage. His friends brought him to the crusade on a motorcycle and gently placed him on the ground, and there he lay, flat on his back, waiting for a miracle from the Lord. He hadn’t been able to walk for six months, and was numb in his back and legs. But when I prayed for the sick, Andrew said he felt a surge of power enter his body. Not only was he completely healed in an instant – he also received Jesus and went home a completely changed man. As soon as I arrived on the final night of the crusade, I could see straight away that the crowd was much bigger than the previous nights. Before I walked up on the platform the local Crusade Organiser told me that the pastors of Morogoro said it was the largest crowd gathering for a Gospel Crusade in the history of Morogoro, Tanzania! – Jared Horton

I felt a wonderful breakthrough took place. After preaching the Gospel, as soon as I began praying for the sick, demons started manifesting all over the field in extraordinary numbers. Our deliverance team had their hands full! We saw many amazing miracles take place:
• One man had a brace on his back. He used a cane to walk and had to use painkillers. He stopped using the cane and brace and was completely healed. He stomped all over the stage, showing how his back and legs had received strength.
• One woman had severe pain in her spine and had to use crutches. After prayer, she was running on stage, showing how she had been healed.
• For 22 years, another woman was not able to bend over because of the severe pain she was suffering from. Tonight, she was relieved from this pain; all her mobility was restored. – Daniel Kolenda

As the sun was setting behind the crowd, I could see thousands receiving the invitation of salvation. I looked into their eyes while proclaiming that there is only one way to salvation and that is through Jesus Christ, the son of God. Seeing all the beautiful smiles and tears that were shed as they received Jesus is an image that will forever be imprinted upon my heart. After the prayer for the sick, a young man who had been deaf for seven years in both ears ran up the stairs on to stage to testify that the Lord had completely restored his hearing. “What has Jesus done for you son?” I asked. He shouted with joy: “I could not hear for seven years, but now I can hear completely!” The crowd and I roared together with a resounding “Hallelujah”! “Who is the healer?” I asked him. With arms raised high in the air in victory and a beaming smile across his face, the young Tanzanian man cried out, “Jesus is the healer and He has healed me!” – Gary Smith

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Date published: 26/08/2021
Feature image: CfaN

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