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Zorah Herman, a native of Cape Town, was raised in a Christian household. Her role models are her parents, Trudy and Andrew Herman, with whom she shares a tight-knit bond along with her younger brother, Zeeke. As she navigated through her final year at high school in 2022, Zorah found herself grappling with the challenges of uncertainty, unsure of the path she should take to lay the foundation for her future.


Zorah Herman

Q. Zorah, how would you describe your life?
Every day used to be a constant mental and emotional battle. I always felt called to something great, but I was never sure what that was. There were many friends and others who played important roles in my life, but most steered me in the opposite direction, resulting in me being far away from God for a long time in my life.

A life-changing decision
I considered a gap year, but I did not want to stay home – I wanted to do something purposeful. Despite not identifying as a Christian at the time, an invitation led me to participate in the Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Kansas City, USA, with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). I wasn’t sure about it, as that wasn’t my type of crowd. I also really did not want to go because of my close family bond. But out of curiosity I went anyway. I have never regretted nor looked back on that decision.

Q. What stood out for you when you arrived in Kansas City?
I found Jesus as my personal Saviour and was baptised. This was uncommon, as most if not all students are already born again when they join YWAM. God had an appointment with me, and this is my highlight. The staff and students were all excited to meet this South African girl and all knew about President Nelson Mandela. This made me feel so proud of my country. The DTS changed my life for the better. Not only did it equip me to become a fully trained missionary, but I was also able to do a lot of inner healing that I didn’t know I needed. This allowed me to figure out my calling – and for that I will be eternally grateful.

A restored life in Christ
Now that I have recognised my gifts and the purpose that God has for my life, I will use that to minister as God calls me. I’m privileged to share my testimony with many people across the world. I preach about the beautiful love of God and the fatherly characteristics that He has been shining upon me since the day I made the choice of following Him. He has kindly given me a platform where I’m able to express the Gospel by doing the thing I love most – creative dancing. This way I’m also able to spread my culture with others throughout the world with the love of God. My life has not been perfect since I chose Christ, but it has definitely been the best year of my life, by far. I will be returning to Kansas City for another two years, travelling to different nations and sharing my story of hope and of a restored life in Christ.

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Date published: 27/03/2024
Feature image: Zorah during an outreach in the Philippines.
SOPHIA ROMAN – pioneer, visionary and life transformation coach. Sophia and her husband, Theo, pastor the West Reach AOG Church in Mitchells Plain.

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