The ACDP notes that at a recent press conference, held by the leader of the EFF, who came out in defense of his Secretary General’s brawl at their nerve center, the EFF leader made a telling statement; I quote: “Our constitution says we can use any means possible to take over the country, even the use of arms and violence. If any of our members don’t like it, go and join the ACDP.”

Let it be known that the ACDP is indeed a party of peace, not violence. We are party that seeks to grow our economy, not destroy it. We are a party that sees beyond color and racial classification, beyond the stereotypes perpetuated by apartheid, which sadly continue today. These stereotypes continue to define South Africans by racial categorizations, coined by apartheid legislators, and are used by “radical revolutionaries” to tear the social fabric of our nation, creating social and racial division, rather than cohesion. 

The ACDP will welcome all EFF members who are tired of the violent revolutionary diatribe. We will welcome those who seek to build and not destroy, those who are peace makers who wish to advance the cause of millions of South Africans living in poverty, those who wish to build our economy by creating jobs and welcoming foreign direct investment, rather than creating barriers to it. 

The ACDP will welcome members of the EFF who are truthful, capable, hating dishonest gain and who fear God,into our ranks. We will welcome those who have come to realize that there is a place in South Africa for all, irrespective of color or class. We will welcome those who have come to their senses in understanding that the violent revolutionary tirades, have no place in building a South Africa that is prosperous, peaceful, free of crime and corruption. The ACDP thanks the EFF leader for pointing such members to our party.

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Date published: 10/07/2019
Written by: Marie Sukers MP
Article source: Supplied