After election results have been announced, we often find ourselves unsure of how to live out our values in the world around us. Elections, by their very nature, are short-term events that come and go. They can also be likened to the visible tip of an otherwise unseen iceberg. Beneath them are the unseen hearts and minds of voters.

Are you living for Christ?
While there is a place for canvassing people to vote for a political party that best reflects Godly values, the limitation here is that this is merely one event, important as it is. The reality is that the hearts and minds of many professing Christians may remain ‘captured’ by values anti-thetical to the kingdom of God. As the apostle Paul lamented: “many live as enemies of the Cross” – Phil 3:18. Where we therefore ought to put our energy is in the total transformation of the person to increasingly imitate Christ.

The Church must do more
If there’s one thing that elections do, it is to point out to the church that a truncated gospel is no gospel at all, and that the work of the church must go a lot deeper. If we want to transform our nation to reflect the Kingdom of God, amassing mere numbers of professing Christians is not enough. It will never be. 

Take your faith deeper
In describing the state of the church at the end of last century, John Stott declared: “As we face the new millennium, we acknowledge that the state of the church is marked by growth without depth. Our zeal to go wider has not been matched with a commitment to go deeper . . . The church is three thousand miles wide and an inch deep. Many are babes in Christ.” Let us therefore earnestly take up the whole Gospel to disciple believers in every area of life. If we do so, as history attests, every area of life can come to reflect this, including future elections.

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Date published: 18/05/2019
Written by: Tendai Chitsike
Article source: JOY! Magazine


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