Written by: Lourieke Haller 

The Truth and Science Forum (TAS Forum) recently undertook its annual Creation Tour to Sutherland.

During the bus ride through the Hex River valley on the way to Sutherland, the geology, sedimentary deposits and signs of the flood were pointed out and explained to the tour members.

Skeppingsleer-toer na Sutherland en Fraserburg 27-29 September 2019TOERAKTIWITEITE • Fossiel-besigtigingstoer by Rogge Cloof privaat natuur reservaat buite Sutherland• Sterrekyk by Rogge Cloof buite Sutherland• Besoek versteende Bradysourus-voetspore naby Fraserburg• Besigtig gefossileerde boom naby Laingsburg• Identifiseer bewyse vir wêreldwye vloed op die roete• Kort ondersteunende lesings (In Afrikaans), oor bewyse vir vloed, dinosourusse, die ouderdom van die aarde, en Skepping wat getuig van God se Almag DATUM, TYD EN PLEK: • Vertrek Vrydag 27 September (skoolvakansie) 7:00 uur vanaf Laerskool Hugenote in Wellington.• Arriveer Sondag 29 September rondom 16:30 by Laerskool Hugenote. • Vervoer met Paarl Rock Tours in 60-sitplek bus. • Verblyf in pragtige selfsorg eenhede by Rogge Cloof privaat natuur reservaat buite Sutherland.• Die eenhede is loopafstand van mekaar. Loer gerus by www.roggecloof.com , dis pragtig!• Rogge Cloof gaan sorg vir al die etes, uitsluitend Vrydagmiddag en Sondagmiddag etes.KOSTES: • R1500/persoon (R500 deposito om plek te bespreek en restant voor 20 Aug). Toerlede moet self sorg vir Vrydag-en Sondag middagetes (ons stop by Laingsburg en Touwsrivier)• Beperkte plekke beskikbaar, bespreek dus vroegtydig• Kostes sluit die volgende in:o Alle etes vanaf Vrydagaand tot Sondagoggendo Vervoero Verblyfo Alle toegangsfooie en sterrekykBespreek nou by info@tasforum.org! Opskud, beperkte plek!

Posted by Truth and Science Forum South Africa on Sunday, 28 July 2019

The group stayed at Rogge Cloof Private Nature Reserve just outside Sutherland, which served as the base.

The group visited various fossil sites. Some of the fossils were only discovered last year and tour members were among a lucky few that could view petrified dinosaur fossils at Rogge Cloof.

The tour also included a visit to fossilized Bradysourus footprints near Fraserburg and a fossilized tree near Laingsburg.

Interspersed with excursions were lectures and videos on evidence of Noah’s Flood, dinosaurs, and the age of the earth and lively group discussions followed.

Another highlight was the stargazing during which tour members could see, among others, Saturn and its rings, as well as Jupiter and four of its moons and Herschel’s “Jewel Box” (a beautiful cluster of coloured stars). The Magellanic Cloud and the Little Magellanic cloud could be clearly seen in the bright Karoo night sky as well as the Coalsack – the nearest dark nebula, 550 light years away.

Mr. Basson (author of the book, Evolution: Science or Faith); Stephan Joubert, Rudie Pretorius, and Emile du Plessis are the four founding members and management of TAS Forum.

TAS is available to make presentations nationwide on the Genesis flood, Creation and the dangers of Evolution. For any inquiries about next year’s tour, contact TAS at info@tasforum.org visit www.tasforum.org

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Date published: 07/10/2019
Feature image: www.tasforum.org

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