Written by: Ethel Lottering of the Dare to Love Movement
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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

As the clouds of smoke are rising from the parts of our Country where devastation ruled but for a short while, the true colours of our Nation is revealed, brilliant in its rainbow hues!

The sinister intentions of the powers behind these heinous acts of arson, sabotage, looting, rampage and violence had the exact opposite result they had in mind.

United and with passion for harmony and caring, the intense emotion of “No More!” rose up amongst the Citizens of South Africa.  We have had enough!  As one communities came together, in various areas standing arms hooked in next to each other, forming a chain of determination and focus to keep the evil out, out of their neighbourhoods, their suburbs, their malls, ultimately Out Of Their Lives!!  “No More”, the message was conveyed loud and clear.

Possibly the biggest and most impactful source of support and unification was showcased by various Taxi Associations.  They just bonded together and refused to allow the carnage to reach a multitude of areas where they stood fast in their conviction that destruction will not be allowed into the areas they serviced. In an interview with Daryl Hardy from the Servolution movement they conveyed their passion for the Nation of South Africa.  They were and will continue to safeguard the future of the people they serve.  Kwanele they shouted as one!!

Once again the Citizens of this Country have shown their generosity of spirit and care in the midst of a life-threatening crisis.  The call was launched for support, for donations, for hands & hearts to be opened and offered up to help our fellow Citizens in the most affected areas.  Never before has it been more important to “give your hands to serve and your hearts to love”.

With-in 24 hours 24 tons of vegetables were donated by Farmers, communities, individuals and generosity just once again reigned supreme!   Some of the food will be delivered to Cosmo City and Centurion today in preparation for transportation to KwaZulu Natal.  Over 60 000 seedlings were donated as well and will also find their way to KwaZulu Natal to establish sustainability in on-going food supply for affected communities.

If you want to get involved in making a sincere, meaningful and lasting impact in your neighbourhood and in doing so making a difference in our Country, please visit our website www.servolution.co.za or the Dare To Love website www.daretolove-sa.org

Unity and serving the Taxi Association

Packing food for KZN:

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Date published: 20/07/2021
Feature image: www.facebook.com

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