Written by: Lourieke Haller

Daniel du Toit and the team of Take the Nations recently went on to do evangelistic work in Kapiri Mposhi in Zambia.

Take the Nations is a South African evangelistic ministry that works in collaboration with all the churches in the areas when they host crusades. Pastors from surrounding villages also through came to participate in this crusade, which lasted four days and documented 27,000 people who gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

All new converts will now be followed up with and encouraged to join churches where they can be discipled. This is why it is so essential that all churches join forces and participate in campaigns such as these.

“We also hosted a conference for pastors and church leaders where they received training and were further equipped for the ministry. It was attended by 550 pastors and leaders,” Du Toit said.

“Every night thousands of people responded to the Good News of the Gospel. I personally have never seen the Spirit of God move so powerfully. People were touched and freed from demons. On the last night, eight satanists surrendered their lives to Jesus and five witch doctors were powerfully liberated and born again! Many people were healed and experienced the miraculous power of the Lord. The blind were healed and the deaf could hear.”

“During the second night of the crusade, a woman who could no longer walk got up and started walking. She testified on stage of what the Lord had done for her! We have seen amazing miracles. For example, there were two people who were completely dumb who started talking,” he shared.

“We had a wonderful team of 16 who came from all over the world to take part in the Take The Nations campaign.”

Visit takethenations.com to sign up for their newsletter and to participate in their campaigns.

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Date published: 15/07/2021
Feature image: www.takethenations.com

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  1. I’ve saved traveling fees via Apostle Patrick Mokwena to travel to Israel.
    I praying and patiently waiting for S.A. to be allowed

    Thank you for informing. I stand in agreement to pray for the peace of Jerusalem

  2. Holy Spirit has come down on us, and Africa is being freed! When the Son sets us free, we are truly, truly free. God is faithful (•‿•).


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