Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

The battle to stop the harmful sexual indoctrination of innocent children in public education got a major boost last week when the “World Health Assembly” rejected language endorsing “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) as required health education.

A coalition of African nations (not SA) joined the Russian Federation to vote down CSE. The Biden administration backed by liberal western governments endorsed the failed resolution.

A growing number of the world’s nations have recognised the radical abortion and LGBTQ sexual indoctrination embedded in CSE and have pushed back against it. 

“UN guidance proposes teaching children that gender is a social construct, and it promotes masturbation as normal from the age of 10. It includes teaching grade-school children about various types of “non-traditional families” with a heavy emphasis on LGBTQI rights.”

Tragically, however, the ANC government sold-out South Africa’s school children to the radical global abortion and sexual rights movement. The Department of Basic Education’s CSE roll out is bankrolled and controlled by UNESCO and other foreign leftist groups.

Thankfully, CSE is currently not compulsory in South Africa’s public schooling system. An official DBE letter confirms this. Alternative sexuality education programs like the safe, values-based “Smart Choices” curriculum is welcomed as long as its CAPS compliant.

Ominously, the European Union (EU) is currently plotting to make CSE compulsory in nations that are signatories to the proposed African/Caribbean/Pacific (ACP) binding agreement. 

School Governing Bodies (SGB’s) can select the sexuality education programs best suited for learners needs. However, parents must ask their child’s SGB’s to request “Smart Choices.” 

SGB’s will begin selecting educational programs soon. That’s why parents must act urgently to reject CSE indoctrination and choose the safe values-based “Smart Choices” curriculum.

We share regular updates about ordering “Smart Choices,” results of piloted programs at selected schools and other relevant information on the “Common-Sense Sexuality Education” Facebook page. You can also submit your questions about these programs here.

Please help us spread the good news about “Smart Choices” by sharing this link widely. Also visit sapublicspeaks.co.za today and submit your comments in defence of marriage.

Family Policy Institute

With just three weeks left to make submissions on the “Green Paper on Marriages in SA,” Family Policy Institute (FPI) launched the “SA Public Speaks” online portal to enable Christian citizens and organisations to make their voices heard on this critical policy.

We created a submission form with all the relevant details at www.sapublicspeaks.co.za

All you must do is add additional paragraphs (in your own words) outlining your reasons for endorsing marriage as a union between a man and woman (in the window just below the text) – fill in your personal details and submit the form directly to the Dept of Home Affairs.

The SA Constitution protects all people groups. Please do not object to the other (already protected) relationships in your comments to ensure your submission is not rejected.

Alternatively, send your written submissions to Mr. Sihle Mthiyane at marriagegreenpaper@dha.gov.za The deadline is 30 June 2021.

Please view FPI’s submission on the “Green Paper” as a guideline. We selected the second policy option and propose including 3 chapters in the Single Marriage Statute that identify the different marriage categories in SA. This way, the various protected relationships in South Africa can be recognised and protected in law without redefining marriage.

Government deceptively argues, the primary purpose for the policy proposals in the Single Marriage Statute is to “redress the injustices of the past.” However, the ANC regime had 25 years (since the SA Constitution was ratified in 1996) to recognise and protect the various religious and cultural unions in South Africa. Why, then, did it take government this long?

The answer: since 2001 global sexual rights groups and UN agencies demanded that marriage be redefined to include same-sex and transgender unions. They were dissatisfied with the “Civil Union Act of 2006” because it implied same-sex unions were inferior to man, woman marriage. Government cunningly devised the Single Marriage Policy with a “gender neutral marriage regime” – under the guise of equality – to submit to their demands

That’s why we must defeat this diabolical agenda. If thousands of citizens, Churches and organisations support option 2 – retaining the definition of marriage as a unique union between a man and woman – we will drown out the foreign voices demanding redefinition.

Please, therefore, go to the sapublicspeaks.co.za online portal, complete the required information and simply submit the form that goes directly to the Dept of Home Affairs. Please also forward this link to family, friends and colleagues requesting they do likewise.

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Date published: 08/06/2021
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