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Andrew Brunson, the US missionary held in a Turkish prison for more than two years, challenged media outlets at the recent National Religious Broadcasters for Christian Convention in Nashville (United States), to be ready to play their role in “discipling a harvest of souls in Turkey and throughout the Middle East”.

Bruson point out that “as a move of God begins, the wind of God is going to sweep through that area and many are going to turn to the Lord”.

“Who’s going to follow them up, who’s going to disciple them? A lot of that is going to have to be done through media until churches can be established in those places”, he added.

“A Story About How God Took Me In My Weakness And Strengthened Me”
In his recently released book called God’s Hostage, Bruson recalls how he overcame the big challenges he faced during his captivity because of false charges.

“I remember during my period of real weakness and brokenness in prison saying ‘God you chose the wrong man for this, this was a mistake. You made a mistake because I can’t handle this’”, he aid.

However, Bruson “came to a point where I said, you know, perhaps God chose the right man because He wanted someone who has weakness, but in spite of weakness perseveres, endures and makes it through, so that this can be an encouragement to other weak people”.

The pastor explained that “the book is very transparent about the struggles I went through. But it’s not just a book about struggles, negativity. Actually it’s a story about how God took me in my weakness and rebuilt me and strengthened me to take me through a very difficult test and emerge on the other side”.

“Norine And I Still Have A Missionary Calling To The Muslim World”
Brunson believes that he and his wife Norine “still have a missionary calling. We cannot go back to Turkey now under this regime. We hope someday they’ll let us back in. But our calling is still to the Muslim world and we believe that God used all of these prayers to reign into Turkey and there’s a powerful move of God coming”.

“What we want to do is be involved in whatever way God shows us and help Him to prepare for that harvest in the Middle East”, he concluded.

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Date published: 24/03/2020
Feature image: Pastor Andrew Brunson

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