Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

On 21 March the nation observed “Human Rights Day.” Sadly however, the government that established a public holiday to emphasize the value of protecting human rights – is doing everything in its power to undermine these rights by abusing its authority for political gain.

Following reports of the blatant manipulation of the “Electoral Amendment” democratic process, the ANC regime is attempting to make permanent the extraordinary powers granted to government by the “Disaster Management Act” by amending the “National Health Act.”

Government appears to be repeating the tactics used in the “Electoral Amendment” public participation process by quietly publishing the “Regulations Relating to the Surveillance and Control of Notifiable Medical Conditions: Amendment” in the Government Gazette.

The proposed Amendment to the National Health Act” is an appalling overreach of power. Essentially, what government is attempting is granting itself permanent emergency powers that are only permissible during a state of disaster – even when no state of disaster exists.

What is more troubling however is the “Amendment to the National Health Act” will not be scrutinised in Parliament because it amends existing legislation on our statute books.

I was shocked to discover the extensive powers the Amendment grants government, presumably when it decides a national health crisis exists. From lockdowns, to forced medical examinations, prophylaxis treatments, forced isolations/quarantines, and public control.

Alarmingly, the “Amendment to the National Health Act” provides government far-reaching powers to curtail and control every aspect of private life – however it sees fit.

One way of defeating the proposed Amendment is by demonstrating overwhelming public opposition to it. If government ignores the public, it can be challenged in the Constitutional Court. Government must not be granted such powers under any circumstances.

The public is invited to make written submissions on the proposed regulations within 30 days of the publication of the Notice in the Government Gazette which was 15 March 2022.

Your submission does not have to be extensive. A few paragraphs outlining your opposition to the Amendment particularly the far-reaching powers granted to government will suffice.

Please email your comments to the Director General of the Department of Health, Ms Tsakani Furumele at tsakani.furumele@health.gov.za by no later than 14 April 2022.

Family Policy Institute

The primary arguments against the “Amendment to National Health Act” is that it grants government permanent and far-reaching – state of disaster – powers to suspend and severely limit the constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens whenever and however it sees fit.

(1) The Amendment grants government the legal authority to force you into a state run quarantine/isolation facility against your will – with total control of release.

(2) Government can instruct police to collect you at your home and transport you or a family member to an isolation facility. The requirements for self-isolation are onerous.

(3) Government is granted legal authority to enforce any medication it deems necessary – which you cannot refuse. No one is held liable for possible side-effects.

(4) Government is provided legal authority for the daily surveillance and monitoring of private citizens including accessing private information through overriding privacy laws.

(5) Government is granted legal authority to enforce mandatory vaccinations.

The Amendment goes way beyond the “Disaster Management Act” which is activated and enforced during a genuine national health crisis and not a permanent control mechanism.

The Amendment is patently unnecessary because government retains the right and authority to activate the “Disaster Management Act” whenever a national health crisis exists.

Most importantly, granting government such far-reaching powers – permanently – is national suicide. Somebody said, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!”

Please send your comments to the Dept of Health before 14 April 2022 and respectfully oppose the “Amendment to the National Health Act” to protect our rights and freedoms.

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Date published: 22/03/2022

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  1. We do not want to be controlled by communists any longer! Are we going to end up like russia and ukraine? This covid business is making us sick while governments are using it for their corruption purposes!! This covid nonsense must stop, the sooner the better!!

  2. Shocking over reach of power – it has to be stopped & those responsible need to brought to book ASAP!!
    They shame our country & its people!!
    B U T then *they* apparently do not have shame, pride, care OR respect for the real welfare of our beloved South Africa or the people that voted & believed that *they* would make a difference!!😪😪

  3. I do not agree with the new ammendments made when the state of disaster will ba canceled. It takes away all our human rights!!!!!!

    • No to this Amendment! Woe to the wicked the Bible says God made us with freedom OF choice no one but God has the right to take it from us. This is shameful and disgusting taking away our human rights “BUT GOD”

  4. It wasn’t just somebody who said “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” It was George Orwell, writer of Animal Farm and 1984. The man was a visionary.

  5. This is not right!!!! Communism at its best…..
    Please stop this!!!!
    God will deal with you and who ever is responsible will be dealt with!!! Not by human hand but GOD YAHWEH IS IN CONTROL….

  6. We are living in the end times!! Suffice to say that this is what this government has been planning since 1994 when Ramaphosa was next to Mandela and PW in a pic I have on my cellphone., remarking that he will get rid of the whites by slowly raising the temperature of the water just sufficient enough to stop the frogs (whites) from jumping out. Everyone knows this analogy. He wants his people controlled too. Who has a log on their shoulders now, not a chip?! Can’t see the wood for the trees.And his people KEEP on voting!!! What an amazing and beautiful country this could still be. Nothing like it anywhere. I’m tired of this constitutional twaddle. It rambles on and on. Simplify it all by following the Manual to Life. God created us. Man in his infinite wisdom is trying to oppose God. NO to the health minister (minister?? That’s a joke) No to all this proposal. NO NO NO. Why can’t we have a government that will serve the people? And I mean ALL people. If this comment was long, tough!!! It is mine.! No to government. PS. Licenses granted to hunt Rhino? The beginning of the end. Sincerely mind boggled grandpa.

  7. Stop this power game you are playing and let us decide what is best for ourselves! SA is running dry due to government sucking out the life out off everything and everyone. It’s time for government to step down. It’s a proven fact that they are unreliable, thief’s and destroyers.

  8. This already gets done to people with mental illness, yet noone has ever made a public fuss about that. If you have, for example, Bipolar mood disorder and your illness causes you to behave in a disruptive manner, and the police are called, you will be committed to a mental institution, forced to take medication, and not allowed to leave until those at the facility (normally state) decide that you are fit to go home.
    But in South Africa, people with mental illnesses don’t matter.

  9. I demand that the Ammendment to the national Health Act should NOT be implemented at all! I am totally opposed to the whole spirit behind it. I claim my right to make my own choices and not to be controlled or manipulated by any government or institution at all!!

  10. Ok .So we have seen that our Government is not capable of running this country .Since they have been in power it has got worse.They are only interested in enriching themselves and family and friends as long as it benefits them .They don’t give a shit about their people as they have never asked them how they feel about things and asked them to participate. They are currently being controlled by the NWHO .We cannot allow them to take away our freedoms because of a bunch of sick Sychopaths who want to control the world

  11. The experimental vacs does not work, with so many side effects I am amazed that governmrnt still insist. Looks like money talks louder than health. There will be an uproar very shortly…..

  12. We as South African Citizens speak out against forced locked downs, wearing Mask, against this vaccine that has caused so much side effects. Also that we not going tolerate any more of the lies of those that was supposed to take car of the citizens of South Africa. God has place you there and he can remove you too. So we understand the principle of what you so you will reap. Leave us alone. Don’t let your greed exploiti the innocent, the poor and elderly. I pray to God that if you donot listen to people of South African citizens. And care about them. You will fall of your high horse. God is not asleep as you think He is. When Gods people cry out to Him, He will fight for us. Exodus 14:13-14 “Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again. The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.””
    ‭‭Exodus‬ ‭14:13-14‬ ‭NIV when you exploit God’s people I feel sorry for you.

  13. Lift all mandates ,stop forcing people to take the vac ,let them decide for themselves,we are not children ,they day they follow the science ,i think they need to take a long hard look at whats happening ,

  14. It is time for all in the body of Christ to rise up and stand together as one and see the Hand of the Lord wipe out the enemies of God’s children. Where the brethren stand in unity there God will command a blessing.

  15. We demand our FREEDOM back…..We do not agree to any Health Regulations which goes against our Constitution …..The Government are supposed to be for the people… not against us….. This tyranny must come to an end…..

  16. When some of the leading governments in the west is canceling their mandates, this country must make it harder. The fear something!

  17. The Ammendment to the national Health Act should NOT be implemented, I am totally opposed to the whole spirit behind it. I claim my right to make my own choices and not to be controlled or manipulated by any government or institution at all!!

  18. In the name of Jesus, you have no power to do this.
    I break your hold on the minds and hearts of these few power hungry imps of the evil one.
    I speak Gods will down as it is in heaven, so it will be right here in the country of South Africa!!!

  19. Not on my watch!!!
    It’s not the way God wants it!!!
    You have no right to take over.
    We want a chosen righteous person to govern this land!!!
    In Jesus name.
    So, NO!!

  20. It is totally outrageous for a supposedly non-communist government to take such control of its people. I disagree with this this totally.

  21. What does the Constitution mean if we as a people are segregated SA we been there and why are qe now forced to Egypt again 🤔

  22. No, nee, aikôna, auwa, njet, niet, nein, glad nie, never, non! How many languages do I have to use in order for all people trying to force this down our throats to hear me and understand that we will not approve of this farce – ever! We are sick and tired of all the lies, dishonesty, fraud and corruption. The ANC lost control a long time ago and we will not be ruled and regulated by a bunch of money grabbing, power hungry, incompetent people!

  23. Hello everyone, thank you so much for your comments and engagement. We appreciate our loyal readers!

    If you would like to make your voices heard, please email your comments to the Director General of the Department of Health, Ms Tsakani Furumele at tsakani.furumele@health.gov.za by no later than 14 April 2022.

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  24. We need to unite and take action now before it’s too late. We pray for God fearing leaders across our country to arise as one voice and stop this madness.

  25. There is no need to implemet this policy as based on science & statistics since Covid (coronavirus) has been with us.

    1. The recovery rate is exceptionally high without vaccines
    2. Peoples fundamental constitutional rights are being infringed upon unilaterally
    3. So called Vaccinnes have not proven significantly effective
    4. Boosters are continuously being required, a vaccine should not require a booster, therefore the label of vaccine is incorrect
    5. Any experimental medication approved does not mean it is safe
    6. Long term side effects are not known
    7. Vaccinne injuries are being ignored or swept under the carpet
    8. Production of negatvie PCR test is laughable when WHO themselves in Dec 2021 indicated the PCR gives false negatives and should not be used
    9. A compulsory PCR for those chosing not to vaccinate should be free of charge, failing which you are extending en- fringement on my constitutional rights by penalising me to pay to maintain my rights
    10. Any hint of imposing an admissions policy to workplaces is shortsighted
    11. Imposition of vaccinnes is a pre-meditated crime which government will need to face charges in respect of as it takes away free choice to no bodily harm
    12. The information released recently from Pfizer (which they fought against) shows the vaccinne is not effective
    13. Dont use companies to implenent your policies, stand up as government and do what is right
    14 . The honourable president (I have the video clip) said no one will be forced to take the vaccine
    15. This is ironic as now its proposed to be part of the LRA, effectively deeming those who take it “at fault” and can be dismissed. This is predujice against what our highest state leader declared to his citizens in the country.
    16. Natural deaths should take place as its part of normal life and maintaining an eco balance. Covid death rate is wiping out nations.
    17. No government or department can impose regulations for continued implementation post state of disaster as this is unconstitutional.
    18. Any legislation requires a 2/3 majority for implementation and not pushed through while still under state of National Disaster.

  26. Stop this amendment NOW! By the authority given to us by Christ Jesus, in His Word, I command this develish plan which tries to take our rights away, to yield to the Authorithy of Allmighty God! Can’t they see that when the children if God starts praying, their plans ALLWAYS fails? The Army of God will stand strong and we will fight this battle until Jesus came! And the government better believe that He is coming!

  27. In the name of Jesus! and by the authority given to us believers we say: STOP and consider what you are doing even to your very own…….

  28. Absolute no.i respectfully oppose the Ammendment to the national health Act.to protect my family and my self.God bless

  29. This fake drama has carried on long enough. No one is dying from Covid any more. The vaccinated are all being infected by the new strains, so what’s the purpose of the experimental injections that causing so much harm to healthy people? Are the health minister totally oblivious to these facts?? As a 62 year old female I have had all the strains and recovered naturally. I refuse to take that poison and its my GOD given human right! NO to the proposed Health Bill amendments. People have suffered enough through this bioweapon and NWO agenda. The people knows what is going on. Stop playing stupid to this ANC Government.

  30. Woe to the Wicked! Stop this Amendment God made us with freedom of choice only God can take it from us No! To this ammendment SHAMEFUL DISGUSTING. “BUT GOD”

  31. A definite NO to the “Amendment to the National Health Act”, which will totally undermine what democracy ought to stand for and our personal human rights.
    It honestly causes me great concern to hear and see this government working with bigger globalists to create fear by promoting many false and exaggerated global narratives which have held the world captive for way too long already, as ways to control and manipulate us all with a goal to finally remove all our personal freedoms of speech and choice completely.
    God please intervene and help us!!


  33. It is unfortunate that some commenters want this amendment to be about race – which is completely irrelevant, or about communism. Again not sure how that applies.
    It is important to know that it is completely appropriate for the state to have power over infected individuals should they pose a threat to society at large. I would most certainly hope that the state would confine a person with a contagious and fatal disease who refused isolation.
    Unfortunately much hyperbole and overreach in this article
    Alarmingly, the “Amendment to the National Health Act” provides government far-reaching powers to curtail and control every aspect of private life – however it sees fit. Dii op es it really do that?

  34. This is a total communist way of doing. I am sorry I do not and will not abide by any ruling of this nature. This is a total ignoring and disrespecting of the human rights.

    Bear in mind that the Lord will not allow all these wrong doings unpunished.. What happened to a normal flue and a normal chest problem as in Bronchitis or Pneumonia?? You want to claim the right that if you, by your decision, seem fit to diagnose someone that sneezes or cough and lock them up in some place?? you are surely not serious.. Are we now moving fully into a communist state?

    I am sorry we will protect ourselves with the strongest weapon that exist whether you believe it or not and that is Prayer. The Lord will blind your eyes and make you deaf when you come near His children. Amen

    We will pray for you

    God bless you all

  35. I am sorry we will protect ourselves with the strongest weapon that exist whether you believe it or not and that is Prayer. The Lord will blind your eyes and make you deaf when you come near His children. Amen

  36. In the loving and blessed South Africa we will stand and prayer for what God wants for us the government and also the Minister of Health. We cant be force. We stand for what is good for all of us

  37. I am opposed to giving the health departmentment the power to enforce that every citizen be vacinated against their will and personal convictions. Where are our freedom of choice concerning this matter?
    Our constitutional rights would be greatly compromised and violated.
    This is 2022 and not 1945 in Nazi Germany where the rights of people were removed to serve the states own ideologies. We live in a free country that is protected by our constutional rights to various freedoms etc.

  38. When are these Christian parties in parlement are going to stand up and fight with us against this corrupt government with all there evil plans, or are they also just there to get pay from the tax payers. We have the right to be free with no amendments and rules that they suck out of there thumbs. You are going to have a war on your hands. Christians for ever. Stand united!

  39. SIR,with due respect to the govt officials, regrettably the are not professionals, leaders and incompetent in the capacity they hold. They have ingrained within the nation’s, mistrust and poor goverance in matters pertaining to good goverance. The country is in deep trouble due to their maladministration, corruption, swindling and amongst other things “self enrichment ” at the expense of the nation. I can therefore soundly and safely say they will mislead with the intention to control the nation, violating the individuals constitutional rights which they are a party to from the beginning of transformation in S.A.. Thus far my opinion is that they themselves have been misguided by said to be health professionals.

  40. SIR, The current govt is badly managed by the president and his party fell prey to corruptions which benefited them in self enrichment at the expense of poor south Africans who haw been deprived of basic rights which is not being addressed inefficiently. I have no trust in their decision making in my life. I therefore disagree with their proposals.

  41. I’m against the state of emergency policies. Stop forcing us to vaccinate, infact Open the Economy & Allow people to socialize.

    #Enough is Enough, Our Freedom

  42. This seem kike a desperate attempt to maintain power by a failed goverment to try and ensure its hold onto power. Fortunately most S A citizens have started to take note of all the underhanded tactics and its effect on them. So no to this ploy.


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