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The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) recently released Cabinet’s approved policy on the single ‘Marriage Act.’ The policy proposals outlined in the “White Paper on Marriages in South Africa” will give effect to the new single ‘Marriage Act.’ The DHA said, “a single Marriage Act will be drafted with chapters to cater for the diverse legal requirements of monogamous and polygamous unions.”“Single Marriage Bill” will be tabled in Parliament in March 2023 and gazetted for public comment soon thereafter (the final public participation process)

Please see brief summary of the policy proposals in the “White Paper on Marriages in SA” for quick reference “Know your White Paper on Marriages in South Africa”

“The Marriage Act of 1961” – that caters for monogamous heterosexual marriage – “The Recognition of Customary Marriages Act of 1998” – that governs polygamous marriages, and “The Civil Unions Act of 2006” – that recognises and regulates same-sex unions – will be replaced by a new “inclusive” single umbrella ‘Marriage Act.’ The new single ‘Marriage Act’ seeks to address gaps and weaknesses in the current three marriages acts.

Tragically, however, the “White Paper on Marriages in SA” asserts, “monogamous marriages in the new ‘Marriage Act’ – that is “marriage of any two people irrespective of race, religion, culture or nationality – will be gender-neutral.” This means the traditional definition of marriage – as an exclusive union between a man and a woman – will be abolished in law and redefined to include same-sex and transgender unions. Redefining marriage is a key objective of LGBTQ radicals supported by UN agencies and certain European nations.

The “White Paper on Marriages in SA” asserts, “the monogamous marriage legal framework must cater for both heterosexual and homosexual couples. The marriage contract will be gender-neutral.” As a result, the current definition of marriage as an exclusive union between a man and a woman will cease to exist – erasing the oldest institution known to mankind.

Marriage as a union between a man and a woman has served humanity in every nationality and culture for millennia. Marriage matters to men, women, children and society for many valid reasons. Please see FPI’s Submission on the ‘Green Paper on Marriages. Government ignored this, and tens of thousands of submissions calling for the preservation of marriage.

The Church must stand united in its objection to the redefinition of monogamous heterosexual marriage in SA. It is not necessary to abolish in law the definition of marriage as an exclusive union between a man and a woman to recognise and protect same-sex and transgender unions – legally recognised by just 30 of 195 nations and in existence for only 21 years.

Monogamous heterosexual marriage deserves a unique chapter in the new ‘Marriage Act.’
A chapter titled, “Gender Neutral Unions” can reasonably cater for LGBTQ citizens like the separate chapter on “Customary Marriages” recognises & regulates polygamous marriages.

Preserving the historic definition of marriage in no way discriminates against LGBTQ citizens. However, redefining man, woman marriage deny men and women the unique status of marriage and rob children of the essential contribution of a father and mother in the family .

The proposal to redefine monogamous marriage in the “White Paper on Marriages In South Africa” is therefore unnecessary, unreasonable and contrary to the common good..

10 important facts to consider.

1. Marriage is NOT gender neutral and has never been in human history. No government has the authority to redefine a God-given and defined institution that predates every human institution. Government can create a legal framework to recognise and protect same-sex & transgender unions. But it cannot tear down monogamous heterosexual marriage to do so.

In fact, the State is obligated to uphold and strengthen the laws that protect marriage as a comprehensive union of a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others. Marriage is a natural good to all people regardless of nationality, ethnicity, religion or sexual preference.

2. If government successfully redefines monogamous heterosexual marriage in law, it will ultimately justify other more serious erosions of religious beliefs and freedoms. Next to fall will be the definitions of woman, mother and father and ultimately, what constitutes a family. This will validate LGBTQ indoctrination in schools like “Comprehensive Sexuality Education.”

3. Man, woman marriage is the most ancient of human institutions. It is a bedrock social institution uniquely fit for procreation and family life. Children need both a father and a mother for their psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. As a consequence, defending the traditional definition of marriage is fighting for social justice for children.

The long term implications of redefining man, woman marriage is detrimental to the health and welfare of children, the stability of the family, social cohesion and economic prosperity.

4. Monogamous heterosexual marriage does not discriminate against any group. It predates LGBTQ ideology. Every human being exists because of the union of a man and a woman. Ben Johnston in the US writes, “Redefining marriage will usher in a new era of oppression for Christians” – simply for believing marriage is the exclusive union of a man and a woman.

5. It is not necessary to redefine man, woman marriage in order to recognise and protect same-sex and transgender unions. For example, same-sex unions already enjoy the legal recognition, protection and benefits of marriage under the ‘Civil Unions Act.’ However, the “White Paper on Marriages in SA” propose stripping men and women of the legal status of marriage as an exclusive male, female union – primarily to appease LGBTQ activists.

Family Policy Institute

6. The majority of South African citizens object to redefining monogamous heterosexual marriage. Government has ignored its own citizens and succumbed to pressure from local and global LGBTQ activists, UN agencies, and liberal Western European governments. As a result, redefining marriage in South Africa is a foreign imposition on citizens.

7. Apparently, LGBTQ citizens can register as marriage officers under the new single ‘Marriage Act.’ Government assures religious marriage officers they won’t be compelled to solemnise marriages in conflict with their beliefs and convictions. But once the new ‘Marriage Act’ becomes law, LGBTQ activists will demand government amend the Act to compel all marriage officers to solemnise all monogamous marriages because there is no legal distinction between opposite-sex, same-sex or transgender “marriages.”

LGBTQ activists vehemently oppose the provisions that exempt religious marriages officers from solemnising same-sex and transgender unions because it violates their right to equality They also claim enacting a separate Act to recognise LGBTQ unions implies inferior status.

Churches, wedding chapels and service providers will have no legal grounds to decline same-sex or transgender unions if monogamous marriage is redefined as gender-neutral.

8. The Christian Church is compelled to protect and preserve the God-given institution of marriage. In 2005/6, Michael Cassidy formed the “Marriage Alliance” to mobilise the Bible – believing Church to protect and preserve the Biblical definition of marriage. This Alliance must be revived to again fight for the preservation of marriage as a man, woman institution.

9. The single “Marriage Act’ is currently being drafted to give effect to the policy proposals approved by Cabinet in the “White Paper on Marriages in SA.” However, before the draft Bill is tabled in Parliament in March 2023, Church leadership must register its strong objections to proposed gender-neutral monogamous marriage in the “White Paper On Marriages in SA.”

10. The “White Paper on Marriages in SA” was released with proposals to redefine man, woman marriage to gauge the response of religious citizens in SA. If resistance is weak and lack conviction, the DHA will forge ahead. That’s why it is crucial the Church speaks with one voice now to defend the God-given, and defined institution of man, woman marriage.

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Date published: 02/08/2022
Feature image: Image for illustrative purposes only. unsplash.com

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