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Join Open Doors Southern Africa on Saturday, 27 March 2021, from 10:00 to 11:30 for a virtual travel celebration. The online Open Doors Travel Day will be celebrating 50 years of service to the persecuted Church through its international presence (travel) ministry.

Here you will hear first-hand accounts from Open Doors’ field workers, chairman and executive director, Jan Gouws, about how Open Doors Southern Africa has impacted the lives of Christians living under persecution because of their faith in Christ. Attendees are sure to be moved by these testimonies and inspired to travel with Open Doors to meet their persecuted family.

Two travel incentives, worth R5 000 each, will be given away as encouragement to join Open Doors on a trip to the persecuted Church (terms and conditions are applicable).

Tourists on a secret mission
By joining Open Doors Southern Africa on a trip to the persecuted Church you can be a tourist on a secret mission. .

Brother Andrew, founder of Open Doors International, took the first step to visit the persecuted Church more than 65 years ago – and this was a step that had effects he never even imagined at the time. Today his ministry is expanded into numerous countries right across the world.

Through the Travel Ministry of Open Doors, you can take a step to literally cross borders to hold a persecuted Christian’s hand and encourage them by praying with them. Travellers can also take resources to a church who has been praying and trusting God to provide them with the means to learn more about Him.

A change of heart
Peter*, an Open Doors supporter who recently went on a trip to Southeast Asia, says: “I felt distanced from God before my trip. However, the trip changed my whole life and really strengthened my relationship with God. I will never be the same again, as my heart was changed forever.

“I met Andrew*, a seven-year-old boy who was injured in a church bombing. He was badly burnt over 40% of his body and had 39 surgeries since the bombing. Despite his hardships, he testified that Jesus is all that he needs. I saw the love of Jesus in his eyes.

“I will do whatever I can to remain in Him. I wish to bear much fruit and to be His disciple, to the glory of the Father. If that too is your wish, I encourage you to go and find out where God is working and join Him. You don’t need to pray about whether you should do it, He wants you to follow Him,” he says.

Different options for travellers
Travellers can go on encouragement trips, where they will have the opportunity to meet persecuted believers, pray with them and possibly attend a church service. They can also choose between prayer trips to intercede for our family in Christ in their own country, delivery trips to take Bibles and other Christian literature into countries where there is a great need for this, youth trips to meet and encourage young people in the persecuted Church, and special trips to help persecuted Christians in a practical way.

Base trips from South Africa in 2021:
• Central Asia in July (two separate trips).
• Egypt in October.
• Vietnam in November.

International trips:
• China in June and September (two separate trips).
• North-Asia in May and July.
• Colombia in April, June and November (three separate trips).
• Southeast Asia in September.
• Bangladesh in November.

Any trip you choose will be sure to encourage persecuted Christians and change your life forever.

How to register
For more information on the virtual Open Doors Travel Day and to pre-register for the event, visit www.opendoors.org.za or send an email to Samantha at travel@opendoors.org.za. A link to join Open Doors online via Microsoft Teams on the day will be sent to your email once you have pre-registered.

*Names changed for security purposes.

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Date published: 25/03/2021

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