Written by: Gillian Fraser

Justin Bieber, world-famous music sensation, has been increasingly open about his faith recently. Bieber, adored by millions around the world, has one of the most influential Instagram accounts, with over 118 million followers.

Having such influence in this day and age is a huge responsibility, and Justin uses this influence to share the love of Christ.

In the last month alone, Bieber has shared two sermons on the power of the Holy Spirit by pastor Rich Wilkerson:

This weekend, he shared a video of himself leading worship in a church service, singing the powerful “Never Would Have Made It” by Gospel singer Marvin Sapp. The singer, 25, attached a lengthy caption to the emotional post, where he talked about leaning on his faith through difficult times.

“God is pulling me through a hard season,” he wrote. “Having trust in Jesus at your worst times is the absolute hardest. But He is faithful to complete what He started.”

He gave a shout-out to his wife, Hailey Bieber, in the post. “I also want to thank my wife for being such a huge support in my life through this season… it says in the Bible to count it ALL JOY when you face trials of various kinds,” he wrote. 

“Sounds insane considering when you face trials you feel terrible.” “But if we are grateful and worship God for what we do have in that season, there is so much power in that… whatever pain you are going throu­­gh just keep telling yourself THIS WONT LAST!” he added.

“Love you guys, we in this together.”

Bieber’s post comes after he reached out to his fans in March, asking them to pray for him.

Please keep this popstar in your prayers; he must be facing a huge onslaught by the devil for the phenomenal stand that he is taking for Jesus in a city of sin.

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Date published: 03/09/2019

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  1. Bieber, God³ will bless you and you wife standing for Jesus Christ. Christian South Africa is proud of you, keep on going in the Name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

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