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After the recent coup d’état, the lives of Mali’s people are being tossed to and fro. The security situation is only worsening daily, and there is a great concern that Islamic militant groups could take over the country if the French troops withdraw.

Angry demonstrators demand the intervention of Russian military forces and the new government has officially requested the withdrawal of the presence of the United Nations. Jihadists have spread to Ivory Coast and as far as Burkina Faso. At this stage, the alliance with the Russian military, is the only hope the country has to win the fight against the Islamists in Mali.

Churches in the village of Manantali and Sollo, where one of our stations are based, recently organised an outreach event. Christians from DRC, Liberia, Koulikoro, and Sadiola in Mali attended the event as well. No prior permission was granted to host the event, but our team’s prayer for God’s protection against the virus were certainly heard, as not a single positive case was reported for an entire month after the event.

During the outreach, several people accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Out of all the testimonies we received, these two blessed us the most. One of the new believers who was led to Jesus during this outreach, is a young man named Ben*. The second convert, John*, is the cousin of the same Imam. Here are their testimonies;

Ben*: “I regularly listen to the radio station, KanuYah FM Sollo, and have gained more knowledge about what it means to be a Christian. I now know for sure which path to follow if I want to be saved. I know Jesus is the way – the only way. As a result, I did not hesitate for a moment to tell my father, the imam of our village, that I wanted to become a Christian. I was prepared for anything in case my father would react violently, but he did not. Instead, he simply said that he would not oppose my decision, because no two people would go on the journey into eternity together. I am thankful for the radio station, because it’s my only inspiration and educator in matters of faith. I thank God, because His Spirit must have led my father not to react with violence when I told him I was going to exchange the Islamic faith for Christianity”.

John*: “The radio station explained everything I needed to know in order to make the most important decision of my life, namely what leads a person to heaven or hell. I now have great certainty in my mind, because I can make the right choice without the slightest doubt. For decades, I have been asking questions about life on earth, and beyond, and about God and the universe. My questions remained unanswered until I started listening to KanuYah FM. Now I have all the answers and I am no longer worried. It is true that my uncle is the Imam of our village. But, no one is going to be anyone else’s judge on the Day of Judgement if you refuse to follow Jesus. It is therefore not wise to fear man and to defy God and as a result to walk straight into hellfire.”

Another testimony is that of a young man from Senegal who recently paid a visit to Manantali with his Malian friend. His name is Peter*; “My community in Senegal is not far from the border. We listen to KanuYah FM Sollo,” He explained. “The radio station’s richness of musical programs that include music from many countries and time periods, are also intended for both Christians and non-Christians. Evangelists in our area say that KanuYah FM Sollo is a facilitator for their work, because it leads to many conversations and physical contact with people.”

These encouraging testimonies remind us that, despite the turmoil we are witnessing around us, God is ultimately still in control. He shines his Light in the world through His faithful servants who are willing to make the sacrifices needed to share Christ to a hurting world. The Muslim community forms part of the many unreached groups in the world. Certain sects of the religion are radical, teaching ideologies that encourage violence. It is our mandate to bring the gospel to them, as well as many other unreached groups through radio, media and other new technologies.

* pseudonyms used to protect the identity of persons mentioned.

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Date published: 15/07/2021

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