Written by: International Christian Concern
Article source: www.persecution.org

I am Jusuf, and I reside in an Indonesian city with my wife and three children. Our first and third children have special needs, which means they are unable to play, learn, or socialize like other kids, keeping them confined to our home throughout the day. 

My life’s purpose has always been to serve God, a calling I’ve had since I was single. I’m grateful to have found a life partner who shares my love for God and our mutual desire to serve others. Together, my wife and I engage in evangelism among the Muslim communities in our area.

One of the individuals we reached out to was a Muslim man who sold wood for doors and windows of houses, making deliveries by bicycle. One day, while he was delivering wood and encountered an accident where he fell, and I happened to be passing by. I lent a hand, helped him gather the fallen wood, and drove him to his destination. 

Since that incident, we’ve maintained regular communication, and I began sharing the teachings of Jesus with him. Eventually, he embraced Christianity and was baptized. Now, he enthusiastically spreads the message of Jesus to his neighbors and anyone he meets.

My wife and I invite those we’ve reached to receive discipleship in our home. Our responsibilities at home limit our ability to go out frequently since we cannot leave our two children unattended. Nevertheless, we’ve transformed our home into a place of discipleship for those eager to learn about Jesus. 

I’m thankful that ICC provided us with financial assistance, allowing us to set up a grocery store within our home. This not only supports our daily life but also contributes to our ministry. 

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Date published: 31/10/2023

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