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“You get to a point where you would absolutely, hands-down rather die than go through withdrawals…”

Stuart spent his 18th birthday in a heroin-induced blur. This set the foundation for the next few years of his life, during which he came face-to-face with death by overdosing on multiple occasions. Despite how it hurt them, his traumatised family held him in their love and in their desperate prayers – never giving up on the redemptive power of God. The last time he overdosed, he was basically declared dead. In those terrifying moments Stu had a miraculous and powerful encounter with God. He was healed, forgiven, and set free in an instant – he has not taken drugs at all since that night 4 years ago.

Stu now dedicates his days to serving God by working with at-risk youths. He spends time with them at skate parks, shares his incredible testimony, and explains God’s life-giving alternative to the escapism and exhilaration so many of them are looking for.

CBN captured this powerful story and shared it on TV, online, and on the Intercape bus network. The response was overwhelming. “People were messaging us from all over Southern Africa with prayer requests for their loved ones or for help their own addiction.” Earlier this year, the video was honoured with the Campus Crusade for Christ Award for Promoting Evangelism and Discipleship.

So many people are desperate for freedom and this video gave them Godly hope. Here is one of many testimonies:
“We had been made aware of a drug dealer in Cape Town who watched the video when it popped up in his newsfeed. After watching the video, he was brought to tears as he knew he needed what Stu has – JESUS! He knew Stuart from Stuart’s days involved in gangs and drugs. He reached out to Stu and Stu was able to walk him into a relationship with our King. He has been clean since watching the video, does not deal drugs anymore, and is not involved with gangs. He is currently being discipled by Stuart and has started volunteering with his organisation.”

Do you need to be set free?
Freedom from addictions is your portion through the power of Jesus. You or your loved ones don’t need to fight this battle alone. If you’d like prayer and to accept Jesus as your Saviour from your addiction, we would love to come alongside you! WhatsApp us on +27 71 763 3810

Watch the video below or go to our CBN South Africa YouTube channel.

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Date published: 22/11/2020

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