Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

We have just 4 weeks left to make submissions on the “Green Paper on Marriages in SA.” Government’s foreign inspired agenda to “redefine the concept of marriage” to validate a particular sexual ideology is the most insidious assault on this bedrock institution. We must therefore speak up boldly to defend this God-given institution or risk undermining its integrity.

The ANC government has made it clear it rejects the notion that Biblical beliefs and convictions are justifiable reasons to disagree with the LGBTQ lifestyle. The SA government repeatedly affirmed its allegiance to the global sexual rights movement and declared its intention to bully the Bible-believing Church into submission by pain of law.

The Green Paper is a policy discussion document that requires the written comments of South African citizens. The Constitution precludes government from formulating public policy without consulting citizens. For this reason and the fact that marriage is a cornerstone that stabilises society – it is critical that every Christian citizen make their voice heard.

The ANC regime favours “gender neutral” marriage laws. However, democratic government is established “of the people, by the people and for the people.” In other words, governments are set in place by the citizens of a nation to expressly execute the will of the people.

The overwhelming majority of citizens believe marriage is a union between a man and a woman and this definition must be protected in law. Polygamous and same-sex unions are already recognised and protected in law, and as a consequence enjoy all the benefits of marriage. So why is government claiming to “redress the injustices of the past” (apartheid laws) by abolishing the sexual complementarity of man and woman in marriage?

Somebody rightly said, “male and female genders are biology – not bigotry.” 

Essentially, what this comes down to is the Green Paper provides the following 3 policy options for the public’s consideration:

1.     Inclusive customary and religious marriage regime 

• The Recognition of Customary Marriages Act could be amended to cater for all polygamous marriages irrespective of race, cultural and religious persuasions.

2.   Religion and culture-neutral marriage regime

• SA could do away with categorising marriages along racial, religious and cultural lines. That means South Africa will adopt a dual system of either monogamous or polygamous marriages. Monogamous marriages will either be homogeneous or heterogeneous.

3.      Gender neutral marriage regime

• South Africa could do away with categorising marriages along lines of race, sexual orientation, religion and culture. That means South Africa will still adopt a dual system of either monogamous or polygamous marriages as in option 2. The difference between options 2 and 3 is that this option is gender neutral. Therefore all marriages, whether monogamous or polygamous, could be concluded regardless of the sex or sexual orientation of the person. This would accommodate both polygymy and polyandry.

Family Policy Institute

Family Policy Institute’s submission selects option 2. We agree monogamous marriage must not be categorised along racial, religious and cultural lines. However, monogamous (or polygamous) marriages must retain its male, female definition to maintain its integrity.

We propose the “Single Marriage Statute” include chapters that specify the different marriage categories, (1) monogamous heterosexual marriage, (2) polygamous marriages, (3) civil unions that cater for same-sex and transgender unions. We also propose the Customary Marriages Act be amended to cater for Muslim and other religious or cultural marriages.

The Act must not prescribe the religious or cultural formulas that solemnise marriage.

I am working flat-out to finalise FPI’s submission so I can share it with you as a guideline. We are also working on an online facility to simplify the process of sending submissions to government. We hope to mobilise thousands to comment on this vital issue this month.

Article 16 of the 1948 United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights acknowledged  the family, based on marriage between man and a woman, is “the natural and fundamental group unit of society” and, as such, “entitled to protection by society and the state.”

US social commentator, Don Feder says, “To say the family based on marriage is “the fundamental group unit of society,” means it’s the foundation. Demolish the foundation, and the entire structure collapses. Marriage is the glue that holds society together.”

“That’s why marriage matters, and the fight for marriage is the fight for our future.”

I conclude with this warning: If the Christian Church remains silent on marriage – allowing government to redefine this foundational institution – Pastors, religious marriage officers, Church facilities, marriage chapels and other wedding related businesses will all become vulnerable to multiple legal challenges and potentially crippling lawsuits.

Psalm 94:16, asks, “Who will rise up for me against the evildoers, who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?” I fervently pray you will answer this call with, “I will Lord.”

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Date published: 01/06/2021
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  1. I have to ask this because it seems to me that all these objections to governmental law changes, seem to be ignored.
    When the leaders of a government just happen to belong to and are in agreement with their masonic affiliations, whose agenda is to destroy Christianity, then they are obliged to jump to the tune of the NWO/UN cabal agendas, “or else”.
    Would it not be more to the point, to approach the dragon directly. After all the reason they want to kill Christianity and the Jews is because they are outnumbered and terrified of who we belong to, who we are and the power of Christ within us?

  2. We will no accept this as part of South African marriage laws, we are a Christians country and therefore follow biblical principals which govern our lands. Take this nonsense somewhere else because I do not welcome this for my children and grand children lives. We come against Satan and his plans !!!

  3. We’re coming against this demonic regime and bind their plans in the name of YAHVAHSHUA JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD, and make their plans nul and voide!

  4. I do not accept this part of South African marriage laws. I’m a Christian and live by Biblical principles. And the Word of God is against the proposed amendments.

  5. South Africa have found so much favour with God, why must that which is instituted by God be overthrown…..”God is slow to anger but behold His wroth”
    The people voted ANC into government…..the people’s voice must be heard….WE WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS EVIL!!

  6. Marriage was and remains God instituted for male and female to enjoy it. Yes, it is true that for God fearing men and women, and therefore there’s a loud amen to, “Marriage is the glue that holds society together.”


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