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“Rise and Shine,” released ahead of The Belonging Co’s new live album Now, which debuted this past week, encourages listeners to shake off their fear, embrace their freedom and receive the joy of the Lord. It features Australian-born worship artist Mitch Wong.

Rise and shine/ For the light, the light has come
Jesus Christ/ Come behold the risen Son
Hold on to hope, shake off your fear/ Sing like you know your freedom is here
Rise and shine/ For the light, the light has come, oh-oh-oh
The light has come, oh-oh-oh.

As the world continues to battle the darkness of COVID, the war in Ukraine and the senseless slaughter of innocents, “Rise and Shine” offers hope in the only one who can bring true hope. The Belonging Co, a local church based in Nashville, Tennessee, and founded in 2014, now sees thousands gather for services each weekend. Allow God to lift your heart as you “Rise and Shine” along with the video above or at this link.

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Date published: 10/06/2022

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