Written by: Errol Naidoo
Article source: familypolicyinstitute.com

I received encouraging news from the SA Law Reform Commission (SALRC) that the deadline for submissions on the “Single Marriage Statute” is extended to 17 May 2021. This gives Churches, organisations and individuals an additional six weeks to submit comments.

Thankfully, FPI’s efforts to defeat the agenda to redefine marriage between a man and a woman is bearing fruit. Hundreds of citizens have responded to our call to make submissions to the SALRC. Hundreds more have endorsed FPI’s submission including prominent Christian Churches, denominations, organisations and individuals.

Although the SALRC extension is welcomed, it does increase FPI’s workload considerably.

Family Policy Institute

We have launched several new social-media platforms under the Common-Sense Sexuality Education” (CSSE) banner to widen the scope of our digital-media campaign. We improved our strategy to reach parents and educators with the safe, values-based sexuality education alternatives to the dangerous “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE).

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The “Smart Choices” values-based sexuality education curriculum (for all age groups) is a CAPS compliant alternative to CSE. It is supplemented by excellent age-specific education programs, “No Apologies,” “Not Guilty,” and “Tomorrow’s Leaders in Training” (TLT) for extra-curricular and home based training.

I participated in the virtual “Commission on the Status of Women” Conference as an NGO with Special Consultation Status at the UN. Tragically, instead of seeking solutions for the real challenges facing women globally, radical abortion and LGBTQ activists attempted to insert language in UN documents to impose their anti-family agenda on UN member states.

Thankfully, pro-family nations thwarted the efforts of the Biden administration and the EU from inserting pro-abortion and LGBTQ language in the “concluding agreement” documents of the UN Commission on the Status of Women – a victory for Faith, Family & Freedom!

FPI is leading the fight against the radical “gender ideology” folly which includes making sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) a special protected class in public schools, adding a third gender to all official documents, redefining marriage to include same-sex and transgender unions and establishing “gender-neutral” toilets and restrooms in all public buildings and school, university and sports locker-rooms countrywide.

The wholly manufactured special “rights” for abortion and LGBTQ radicals means religious freedoms will be seriously eroded. Conscientious objectors will be outlawed and Pastors’ and religious marriage officers will be compelled by law to comply with sexual rights demands.

That’s why I need your prayers and financial partnership in this ministry. You and I must stand together to oppose the radical anti-faith and anti-family agenda. We cannot fight this battle on our own. Your prayers and financial support strengthens our resolve and effectiveness.

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Date published: 30/03/2021
Feature image: Image for illustrative purposes only. unsplash.com

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