Article Source: UCT Students For Life

Last night, 6 Oct 2020, the prosecutor at the Health Care Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) withdrew charges against pro-life doctor Jacques de Vos, who has been unjustly prevented from practicing as a doctor since the case commenced on 30 June 2017.

In 2019, 2 Military hospital disassociated from the case and apologised for the harm caused to Dr De Vos. The HPCSA prosecution has failed to produce any evidence of a complaint against Dr de Vos from the mother who he discouraged from abortion. It appears that the charges were driven solely by abortion doctors Drs van Wyk and Ismail who were unhappy with De Vos claims that an unborn child was a human being and that abortion also causes mental health harm to the mother.

De Vos’ legal counsel has submitted the expert witness testimony of UCT Anatomy Professor Dr Chris Warton that an unborn child is a human being; and the testimony of Professor Priscilla Coleman that abortion causes mental health harm to women. The prosecution has failed to provide any evidence to rebut these claims or to substantiate the charges against Dr De Vos.

Advocate Keith Matthee acting for De Vos argued that “…those who drove this ideological vendetta against him should be investigated for unprofessional conduct”.

While the impacts on De Vos are severe, the case highlights the even more serious injustice the innocent 19 week old unborn baby who Dr De Vos was persecuted for speaking up for. The military must end its killing of innocent unborn babies.

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Date published: 07/10/2020
Feature image: Doctor Jacques De Vos.

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  1. I am overjoyed that this case is finally over and that Dr De Vos has been vindicated. I do however feel that Dr De Vos should be compensated for loss of income suffered given the fact that he was barred from practising as a doctor in South Africa and that the allegations against him are now unproven but still damaged his reputation. This should be claimed from the HPCSA and Drs Ismail and van Wyk.

  2. I am overjoyed that this nightmare is finally over for Dr De Vos and that he has been vindicated! I do, however, feel that Dr De Vos should be compensated for loss of income and slanderous allegations against his reputation and that this should be claimed from the HCPSA and Drs van Wyk and Ismail.

  3. This is very encouraging!

    I can’t help but think that that Dr De Vos has been unjustly prevented from practicing his profession while this was going on. No being in the legal profession I do not know how the law stands, but real justice cries for compensation with the loss of income and the unjust reputational damage. (Although with regard to the latter, this man’s reputation is very high in my eyes.)


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