Written by: Dr Pearl Kupe

Addressing A Need & Rebuilding The Walls
Due to the recent crisis events, the people of KZN are currently facing a serious food shortage. The normal food supply-chains are disrupted and the import of food through Durban harbour has been interrupted. It is not certain how the security situation will play out and when and how normal supplies of food will be restored. Ensuring food security must be at the top of the list of priorities!

Simunye, We Are One!
It is time for believers across South Africa to stand in the gap and respond to this need. We must pray but we must also act. Faith without works is dead! In fact, God started setting up people and institutions to address the food security issues over a year ago!

One of these is Creator Inspired, an organisation set up just 12 months ago with the vision to bring food directly from farmers to consumers. Until our retail networks are again able to fulfil their role, this is what is now needed.

There is also an urgent need for co-ordinated multiple food-relief efforts to be established to support the people of KZN.

To achieve this requires multiple processes to come together at the same time – sourcing food, getting it to distribution centres, bulking-up and placing orders, getting the food to the consumers, ensuring security across the route, and processing payments.

We plan to have the Creator Inspired platform up and running by this Tuesday, 20th July, 2021. In the meantime we call upon farmers and providers of food, which must be packaged ready for delivery to end consumers, to contact us with information on the nature of their products, proposed logistics and pricing.

Pearl Kupe Creator Inspired video

The How – Modus Operandi

Food will be brought from the borders of KZN in secure and guarded convoys.

Food will be delivered to specific areas based on the order from that area. There will not be many options on variety and the trucks will be packed with the biggest variety available. The pricing will be depend on availability, and the markup will be less than what the conventional supply chain would have added. It will be the responsibility of each community to provide an area and people to offload the truck, and to organise between themselves how the food will be split among themselves.

We call upon churches and community organisations to fulfil this function, as they have the buildings and structures to do this. We do not want the product to be resold.

Communities that have organised themselves to purchase and distribute food collectively can also do a provisional registration via our contact numbers below.

For the time being we will focus on staple foods, including maize meal, bread flour, oil, sugar, beans, bread, potatoes, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Dr. Arno Van Niekerk Creator Inspired video

Creator Inspired has an extensive network of farmers, food producers and technology providers. We are partnering with Heal our Land to provide food for the relief efforts in KZN.

Join Us & Partner
If you want to supply products or already register your church or community as a purchaser and distributor, please contact one of the following persons:

Pieter: 079 353 4642 – Pieter@creatorinspired.com
Dirk: 082 654 7732 – Dirk@creatorinspired.com

If you want to donate food or support the operations of this initiative, you can make payments into the following bank account:

Account holder: Creator Inspired
Bank: First National Bank (FNB)
Branch code: 210554
Account Number: 62875132781
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ
Confirmation e-mail: pieter@creatorinspired.com
Reference: DonationsKZN

Hennie Bester Creator Inspired video

Get more information from our website and find out how you can be involved in this ground breaking project www.creatorinspired.com

Company name: Creator Inspired (Pty) Ltd
Registration number: 2020/802815/07

The Creator Inspired Directors are:
Hennie Bester – farmer and businessman; Chairman of Karoo Vleisboere; Director of Cenfri

Gugu Dlamini – Managing Director of Bethel Estate (Pty), a commercial farming operation Former CEO of the Municipal Infrastructure Investment Unit; past Director of the FirstRand Group, SPAR, and SAFCOL, where she served as Chairman.

Dr Pearl Kupe – attorney and former Registrar of the Botswana Labour Court Worked as a Corporate Executive in Transnet Ltd, under the leadership of Maria Ramos Sits on various regional and international Forums and Boards.

Patrick Kuwana – founder and CEO of C3 Capital, a private investment business; Management partner in the African Digital Asset Management Fund – a Pan-African private equity digital impact fund.

Ruan Malan – tech company founder; CIO and partner of the Kineto Group companies. Co-Founder and joint-CEO of the 2D Transact group of companies

Marthunis Oosthuizen: founder and CEO of Five Two Investments

Dr Arno van Niekerk: economist and academic at the University of the Free State; founder of Project SA

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Date published: 19/07/2021
Feature image: unsplash.com
Dr. Pearl Kupe is an attorney and international consultant to world leaders and international organisations. She is the international president of the Global Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (www.gfwe.co.za). Email pearl.kupe@gmail.com or visit www.pearlkupe.co.za

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